SNA Kill 10 Al-Shabaab Militants in Goof-gaduud, Bay Region

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(HayeNews.com)-Somali National Army on Thursday thwarted what would have been a large-scale attack by Al-Shabaab in Goof-gaduud locality of Bay region Somalia.

SNA forces acting on a tip-off intercepted the militants about 24 kilometers south of Baidoa town in Bay killing 15 militants and injuring several others.

According to Gen. Ibrahim Yarow, Somali National Army commander of 60th Section told KNN, the national army forces managed to repel the militants who were targeting a security outpost in Goof-Gaduud area Southwest Somalia.

SNA backed AMISOM and forces from South West State in Somalia continue operations against terrorist group, Al-Shabaab affiliated to Al Qaeda.


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