Former Deputy Leader For Al-Shabaab Surrendered To South-west State Of Somalia

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(HayeNews.com)-According to reports from Bakool Region Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Ali Abu Mansoor and his loyal forces surrendered to south-west state of Somalia.

Reports indicates That Muktar Robow was recently in Abal Area where he met with officials of south-west state of Somalia, and coming hours headed to reach Hudur town, the capital city of Bakol region.

The last few days there was bitter fight between Shikh Mukhtar Robow and al shabaab fighters and he got military support to south-west state of Somalia-when al shabaab fighters strengthened on their attack.

23 June Sheikh Mukhtar  Robow was removed from the “most wanted list” of terrorist suspects run by the State Department’s “Rewards for Justice” program in recent days, a U.S. official said.

Somali Government is said to have opened official talks with Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Ali Abu Mansur who has estranged from Al-Shabab and facing threats from the group.

The talks came following a surprise announcement in June by the United States of the removal of Abu Mansur from the terror list which put five million dollars on his head.

Abu Mansur who once served as Al-Shabab deputy commander and spokesman has in the past four years been living in the rural of Bakol region where he kept his more than 100 armed militia from clansmen to protect him from Al-Shabab.


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